Gordon Lumber Company

Gordon Lumber Company


  • Engineered system specific for each job
  • Reduced lumber waste, theft, and disposal costs
  • Manufactured in a controlled factory environment
  • Faster completion of the shell, allowing the bank draw to be released quicker
  • Eliminates the need for notching or boring by mechanical contractors
  • Greater flexibility for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC runs
  • Allows for clear span basements with no beams or posts
  • Ceiling is ready to finish since all mechanicals are run within the truss webbing
  • Allows for engineered balcony cantilever designs
  • Up to 38’ span


Going above and beyond what's expected is the Gordon Lumber way. We’re in business to serve our customers. Period. Sometimes that means staying after hours or going out of the way to make an extra delivery. If it helps you do your job better, we'll do it.
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