Gordon Lumber Company

Gordon Lumber Company


  • Engineered system specific for each job versus “hoping” the carpenter has had proper training
  • Reduced lumber waste, theft, and disposal costs
  • Manufactured in a controlled factory environment
  • Faster completion of the shell, allowing the bank draw to be released quicker
  • Reduced risk of falling behind schedule due to weather delays
  • Use up to 40% less lumber than conventional framing
  • Reduced onsite labor costs
  • Saves space on site for additional building materials or storage
  • Up to 64’ span (larger spans available but require additional transportation costs) • Residential, agriculture, and commercial trusses available


Our Real-World Experience
Several Gordon Lumber employees have worked in the construction trades, so chances are good they've already done what you need to do. That means you can trust them to offer sound advice about your project and the supplies you're looking for.
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